We are proud to announce our partnership with Groundbreaker – a non-profit organization based in Cologne, Germany. Groundbreaker works as a link between motivated donors and small local initiatives in the Global South to bring education around the globe. We want to help make an impact in these communities by coming alongside Groundbreaker in helping them further their mission through our partnership.

In today’s fragmented society, there is still a divide in education. The unequal distribution of education around the world has an impact on how children will achieve academically and therefore professionally. We want to help close the gap by helping people learn and grow, no matter their race, education, socio-economic background or gender. Recognising that both organisations work to achieve a similar goal, a partnership with Groundbreaker made sense. Teaming up to do more good for more people.

The Partnership

Change happens… slowly. Our goal is to have a long-term relationship with Groundbreaker for many years to come. During this ongoing partnership, we want to give them a platform to spread awareness and raise funds. We also plan on giving one big donation every year to build a new school or upgrade an existing school with an up-to-date computer lab.

If you’re wanting to give back and help, you’re in luck. We are selling special edition droidcon socks at our San Francisco, Berlin, New York and London events with 100% of the proceeds going to Groundbreaker. You’ll have the opportunity to purchase these socks and do your part for the global community.

You can vote for this year’s droidcon socks below.

Because we want more people to learn more about this non-profit and the good they are doing, we have made sure Groundbreaker will not only be our event charity partner but also have a physical presence at our Berlin, London, New York, and San Francisco events. There they will have a booth where you can learn more about the organisation, the people behind it, and pick up your special edition droidcon socks. We have also made sure that they have a speaking opportunity at all of our events so that event attendees can fully understand why educational infrastructure is significant.

Project 2022: Malawi School Computer Lab

At Bwengu Community Day Secondary School in Mzimba

In 2005, the Malawian government introduced computer studies as an examinable subject. Yet, schools in Malawi are still unable to afford ICT equipment. This is because a lab with 20 low-quality and used computers equates to 16.5% of an average school’s annual budget. Further, many rural schools do not have the relevant infrastructure to accommodate a computer lab, nor do they have the resources to even build a computer lab.

However, having access to a computer lab is becoming more and more crucial in breaking the cycle of poverty. In the short term, computer literacy can have enormous benefits on the students’ education. This then is very impactful for their futures as they will have a broader range of career opportunities.

Therefore, funds raised will go towards supporting the renovation of a Malawian school’s computer lab. Let’s have a positive impact together on the students’ education and future.

Get droidcon Socks for a Good Cause

This year’s droidcon events will sell special edition droidcon socks where 100% of the revenue will be donated to Groundbreaker.

Get your socks for charity in our San Francisco, Berlin, New York and London online ticket shops. Look out for a separate ticket category titled “Socks” and simply add it to your cart! You will receive your socks at the respective event.

Supporting Children in Ukraine

While we have been working to get this project rolling for quite some time now and don’t want to turn away from our initial goal, we also cannot turn a blind eye to what is happening to the people in Ukraine right now.

Therefore, together with Groundbreaker, we’ve opened a second fundraiser for the time being to support children in Ukraine. You can make a donation below.