We are proud to announce our partnership with Groundbreaker – a non-profit organization based in Cologne, Germany. Groundbreaker works as a link between motivated donors and small local initiatives in the Global South to bring education around the globe. We want to help make an impact in these communities by coming alongside Groundbreaker in helping them further their mission through our partnership.

In today’s fragmented society, there is still a divide in education. The unequal distribution of education around the world has an impact on how children will achieve academically and therefore professionally. We want to help close the gap by helping people learn and grow, no matter their race, education, socio-economic background or gender. Recognising that both organisations work to achieve a similar goal, a partnership with Groundbreaker made sense. Teaming up to do more good for more people.

Charity Campaign 2024

We are continuing to support the “Groundbreaker Talents” initiative in Uganda!

The Groundbreaker Talents initiative in Uganda provides young women from financially constrained communities with the opportunity to undergo an intensive one-year training program in software engineering.

During this period, the participants reside on a campus, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the training. Through this residential learning approach, they acquire all the necessary skills to pursue entry-level positions in the IT sector upon completing the program and embark on their careers in tech.

With this program, Groundbreaker aims for a double impact: a sustainable way out of poverty and a push for a more diverse talent pipeline in tech.

We are committed to one large donation this year in the name of our speakers, who tirelessly support us at our conferences all year long!

But you can help as well!

But there are also two other ways to support. As a mentor or as a guest speakers, you can be personally be involved in the program. In this way, you give lasting support to the next IT generation and find meaning in providing guidance and support.

Impact & Results 2022 & 2023

We are grateful for your great support, which has already enabled us to support the following projects:

2023 Two scholarships Groundbreaker Talents

With your support, we were able to fund two women to take part in this program in 2023. Groundbreaker Talents is a full-time IT scholarship program tailored to provide Ugandan students from underprivileged communities with the opportunity to exploit their full potential and access a brighter future in the digital era.

Read more about the Initiative here.

2022 Project “Computer lab in a school in Malawi”

Thanks to your generous donations, we were able to build a fully equipped computer lab with computers, laptops and projectors. Up to 400 students will be taught here and the computer lab will be used for computer lessons, for general teaching and learning purposes, for conducting computer courses and for important administrative tasks at the school.

We are very grateful for your contribution and will continue to work with Groundbreaker to provide even more people around the world with better educational opportunities. Thank you again, we really appreciate it!