From Hackweek to Production: How we built our first Mobile Application with Flutter

September 16th, 2021


Vlad Cretu

VP Engineering @ Sentry

Vlad Cretu is VP of Engineering at Sentry. Vlad’s team is responsible for ensuring Sentry can scale to meet the needs of any size business and expand Sentry’s capabilities across any runtime and any device.

Once a year we let our imagination go wild during our annual hackweek event. It’s where we come up with product updates, design them, and implement prototypes.

Our mobile engineering team came up with the idea to develop and ship a mobile application that focuses on monitoring release metrics like crash-free users & crash-free sessions. We wanted to give developers a concise but comprehensive view of whether a release was healthy, erred, or experienced abnormal crash sessions across multiple projects.

Because we wanted to bring this to both iOS and Android and only had a week to build a proof of concept, we decided to build the app in Flutter. Naturally, there were bugs. But we were ready for them.

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