Painless persistence on Kotlin Multiplatform with Realm Kotlin

Christian Melchior

Android Engineering Lead @ MongoDB Realm

Christian is the Android Engineering Lead at Realm and is focused on making Realm’s Java and Kotlin SDK’s the default choice for developers. He has a strong love for clean, approachable code that’s fast to boot. In his spare time, he enjoys wearing out hiking boots and teaching his children how to hunt dragons.

In this session, we will explore a fast, intuitive way to build great mobile applications using Realm’s new Kotlin SDK with Multiplatform support.

We will dive deeper into how we evolved the Realm Java SDK to be a fully native Kotlin Multiplatform SDK. You will learn how Realm’s natural object model combined with Kotlin features like Coroutines and Flows reduces boilerplate, promotes testability, and allows for maximum code sharing between Multiplatform projects.

And you will see just how little code is needed to sync data in real-time between Android, iOS and Desktop clients, all in a single codebase.