PWAs can do anything - even dual-screen Android apps

Foldable Android devices enable new user-interface scenarios, for multi-tasking and also for apps that adapt to dual-screens, like Microsoft Surface Duo.

Android app developers can use Jetpack Window Manager to create responsive apps for dual-screen, foldable, and tablet devices; and thanks to CSS and JavaScript extensions, web developers can also create customized experiences that recognize a hinge or fold.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) can take this one step further, bringing dual-screen aware PWAs to Google Play, along with a wide variety of other platform integrations.


September 23rd, 2021

Justin Willis

Software Engineer @ Microsoft

Hello! I am a Program Manager at Microsoft working on all things PWA, including PWABuilder. In my spare time I love to go hiking, listen to music and read.

Craig Dunn

Software Engineer @ Microsoft

Craig works on the Surface Duo Developer Experience team and enjoys writing cross-platform code for Android using a variety of tools including the web, React Native, Flutter, Unity, and Xamarin.

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