Sessionize / Speaker Submission Data Protection Policy

Data protection

The creation and publication of recordings and other data mentioned in section a) above represents at the same time a processing of personal data within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).
Data published in digital media can be retrieved, found by search engines, and linked with other information throughout the world, which might possibly enable the creation of personality profiles of you. The content can be further ” propagated ” by sharing the original publication without Mobile Seasons GmbH having any influence on the acts of dissemination by third parties. Please take note of the privacy policies of the social media providers and, if applicable, of the recipients named in section c) who are controllers for the processing of data in their area of responsibility.
In the event of publication of the data, there will in any case be a transfer of data to third countries outside the EU that do not provide the same level of data protection as the EU.

Third-party rights

With this declaration of consent, you confirm to be the sole author of the presentation and that you have not used any images, including of persons, for or from which you have not obtained the necessary rights, including for use in accordance with this declaration. In the case of co-authorship, you must point this out and confirm that you hold the rights necessary for publication for the purposes specified herein.
In the event of a third-party claiming infringement of its rights due to the lecture and/or the use of the presentation, you will indemnify Mobile Seasons GmbH from any and all such third-party claims. This includes the bearing of costs by you which Messe Berlin GmbH may incur for its legal defense. You assure that you will cooperate with Mobile Seasons GmbH in the defense against any third-party claims.


This consent includes the use of your name, your submitted image and photos, and the job title and work location information you provide. Mobile Seasons is free to use the recording of the presentation as a whole or in parts (e.g. in the form of snippets). This also includes the right to arrange, edit and translate the recordings or to provide accompanying information. Please be aware that the published recordings may include parts of or the presentation as a whole.